Turning Your Acting Passion Into a Paycheque

I have to admit, this is one of my favourite pages on the site. This page is also a favourite for so many other actors. I cannot tell you how many actors have contacted me and have mentioned how thankful they are that they checked out this page. They have received many great ideas and tips on how to make money while pursuing their careers. So without further ado, below are some great articles on how to make acting your career. You will also find articles sharing various ways of creating a steady income while pursuing an acting career!

This is a very insightful article on how to treat your talent as a career instead of a hobby:

Here is a great article on how to make money while waiting for your big break: http://www.acting-school-stop.com/Acting_School_Monthly-day-jobs-actors.html

Check out these sneaky ways to make money in-between acting gigs: http://tschreiber.org/7-sneaky-ways-to-make-money-in-between-acting-gigs/

If you want to create a steady income while pursuing an acting career, check out this article: http://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/backstage-experts/10-best-survival-jobs-actors/

These are some job options that will help you to make money, while also keeping you available for auditions: http://filmtvcareers.about.com/od/gettingthejob/a/Jobs4Actors.htm

You do not have to become just another starving actor. If you have been looking for ideas to make extra money as an actor, check out this article: http://takelessons.com/blog/ways-to-earn-extra-money

Here are some unique jobs for actors: http://theabundantartist.com/10-best-day-jobs-actors/

Here's to why getting a job in the entertainment industry can help you to make more money, as well as get more auditions and bookings: http://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/backstage-experts/why-you-should-find-day-job-industry/

Did you know that looking like a celebrity can turn into a good paying job? Well, it can! See for yourself: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/04/21/celebrity-lookalikes-can-turn-their-gift-into-fame-and-fortune/

Being a stunt double can land you more jobs in the entertainment business. Find out how: http://www.ehow.com/how_2069844_become-stunt-double.html

Here is an article on how those in the Fitness industry can get more auditions and bookings: http://www.backstage.com/interview/4-reasons-why-you-should-consider-job-fitness/

Check out this article on tips that many acting schools do not teach actors when pursuing a career. I especially love tip #5 (so important but many actors fail to do it correctly or not at all). Were you taught these tips? http://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/backstage-experts/top-acting-tips-college-neglects-teach-you/?fb_action_ids=10157085598480254&fb_action_types=og.comments

If you are a struggling actor who needs advice on how to make money, regardless of what your personal situation is, I am here to help. Contact me via email me at: francine@talentunleashed.ca or call 1 (888) 436-7744 to book an appointment for a Career Consultation. We can work together to come up with your personalized career plan.

*Disclaimer: Talent Unleashed is NOT a talent or employment agency. It is also NOT a talent counselling service or casting office. The company does not promise or secure employment, jobs, auditions, castings, or bookings for actors. Additionally, taking a workshop with an industry expert, using a marketing service, or career consultations are NOT a guarantee of future employment. Workshops and services provided by Talent Unleashed are solely to help actors to increase their chances of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Starting an acting career is not an easy endeavour to pursue. As an actor, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to succeed in the entertainment industry. However, with hard work, determination, and motivation from your mentors, you can achieve your acting dreams.