Actor Marketing- Promoting Yourself As An Actor

How do you market yourself as an actor? Do you know how to promote yourself to industry power players? Actor marketing is a very misunderstood topic. Unfortunately, many actors have no idea how to promote themselves or their work. Even worse, many actors do not market themselves at all. You should consider yourself an entrepreneur with a product to sell…YOU! The sooner you understand that this is a business and you are a product, the greater your chances of success. You can be the most talented actor. However, if no casting director, producer, or other industry professionals have ever heard of you, how are you going to get auditions or book roles in their projects? Keep this question in mind as you pursue your career. If you are struggling with how to promote yourself, here are some tips to help you to increase your visibility in the industry:

1.   Know your marketability. What makes you unique from other actors? What makes you stand out? These are questions you need to answer for yourself. They will help you to know how to correctly market yourself to those who can hire you for jobs.

2.   Make sure your headshots are professionally done.

3.   Write a professionally looking acting résumé.

4.   Create a great demo reel that effectively promotes your talent. Make sure it is featured on industry related sites in order for you and your talent to be seen by key players.

5.    Use promotional items to promote yourself such as business cards, postcards, etc. You can also create an actor website. A website is a great way to promote yourself, as well as your work that can be seen by key players in the business. Additionally, it is very important that you strive to have a strong online presence. Trust me, it takes time to do but if you want to be a working actor, you need to embrace social media and use it to help advance your career.

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*Disclaimer: Talent Unleashed is NOT a talent or employment agency. It is also NOT a talent counselling service or casting office. The company does not promise or secure employment, jobs, auditions, castings, or bookings for actors. Additionally, taking a workshop with an industry expert, using a marketing service, or career consultations are NOT a guarantee of future employment. Workshops and services provided by Talent Unleashed are solely to help actors to increase their chances of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Starting an acting career is not an easy endeavour to pursue. As an actor, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to succeed in the entertainment industry. However, with hard work, determination, and motivation from your mentors, you can achieve your acting dreams.