Career Consultations

Do you need advice on how to start your acting career? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Since starting Talent Unleashed, I cannot tell you how many actors I have met who are struggling to launch their careers. They have no idea how to find an agent, which classes to take, how to promote themselves, how to get the attention of casting directors, among many other things. They are struggling to get into showbiz and have no idea why. After some time, they become frustrated and give up on their dreams of becoming an actor. In the meantime, they have also wasted a lot of time and money. You can avoid this by being knowledgeable about the Business of Acting. You need to come up with a career strategy that is right for you. One of the best ways to learn more about the acting business is through an actor career consultation. This affordable service can give you tons of industry secrets that no one may ever tell you. It will give you career advice that could take you years to uncover on your own. It will also help you to avoid the pitfalls that many new actors encounter.

During a one-on-one consultation, You will receive information on the following:

• How to successfully launch an acting career
• Advice on how to find the right agent for you
• Secrets to getting more auditions and booking more jobs
• How to get noticed and be discovered by casting directors and other industry professionals
• Mistakes that many new actors make and how to avoid making the same ones...and so much more

I have had the opportunity to organize workshops for some of the top casting directors and industry experts in Canada and the U.S. Consequently, I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how show business works. It is the same information that most actors are not privy to. I am by no means a Hollywood starlet. However, I am a working actress who knows what it takes to book a job. Being an actress, as well as an Actor Marketing Consultant has allowed me the opportunity to help emerging actors to enter this competitive industry. It takes a lot of hard work, training, and perseverance to start and sustain an acting career. When starting out in this business, it is extremely important that you know the secrets to becoming a working actor. Not knowing these secrets is one of the main reasons why so many actors do not make it. One of the main objectives of Talent Unleashed is to help up-and-coming actors to enter the industry the RIGHT WAY. My insider knowledge and contacts, along with my marketing experience, has allowed me to create a service that helps to launch new acting careers. I am passionate about helping new actors to achieve their career goals. Book an appointment and let us work together to launch your career TODAY! If you want more information about consultation services or need career advice, you can contact me via email me at: or by phone at: 1(888) 436-7744. I look forward to helping you launch a successful acting career!

Check out these testimonials regarding the career consultations:

“Talent unleashed is so unique, there isn't a resource like this available in Toronto. When I reached out to Francine to get some advice about how to advance my career, she gave me some incredible advice and connected me to sources that I didn't even know existed here in Toronto. She was encouraging and supportive, which is hard to find in this industry! Thank you Francine!” ~Claudia

*Disclaimer: Talent Unleashed is NOT a talent or employment agency. It is also NOT an acting school or casting office. The company does NOT promise or secure employment, jobs, auditions, or bookings for actors. Additionally, The goal of a career consultation is to provide you with tips on how to effectively market yourself to agents, casting directors, and other top professionals, while also helping you to advance your career. It is designed to give you advice that is specific to you and the stage of your career. A consultation is to help increase your odds of getting more auditions and acting jobs. Due to the nature of the entertainment industry, Talent Unleashed cannot guarantee specific results after having a career consultation. Having a consultation does NOT guarantee future auditions or bookings. Starting an acting career is not an easy endeavour to pursue. As an actor, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to succeed in the entertainment industry. With hard work, determination, and motivation from your mentors, you can achieve your acting dreams.