Canada To Hollywood Marketing Service


Want to go to Hollywood but not sure what to do?

Now you can get guidance every step of the way with a
Hollywood Marketing Package designed specifically for the Canadian actor.

If you are like most Canadian actors, you have a dream of taking the big step to pursue your acting career in Hollywood – where more movies and TV shows are cast than anywhere in the world, the ultimate stage for actors who want to work in film, television, and commercials. But when you think about doing it, there is a problem.

The Problem?

The problem is, most actors do not know where to start to prepare for that big move. Maybe they don’t even know if they should – there are pros and cons. How does the whole process of getting a Work Visa or Green Card work? How do you get an agent when you get to Hollywood? What should you do first? Now all of that can be solved for you with the Canada To Hollywood Marketing Service.

Too many actors either jump in without a plan or never take that step toward fulfilling their dreams. That is why I have created this package for you. To make it as easy as possible for you, I have put together a simple plan that will help you cover all of your bases in preparing to move to Hollywood. The core of the plan centres around a targeted and customized marketing service to help you get your photo in front of some of the top agents and casting directors in Los Angeles. I have partnered up with a long-standing, respected business in L.A. to create a special package for YOU, the Canadian-based actor.

The Solution

Our unique Canada To Hollywood Actor Marketing Service is the quickest and easiest way to get on track toward achieving your career goals in L.A. We will help you to create a specific marketing plan that will suit your needs as an actor which includes a coverletter campaign to agents picked just for you. This marketing service has already helped literally thousands of actors get legitimate talent agents that represent them for films, television, theatre, soap operas, and commercials. Getting the attention of some of the most influential people in Hollywood can be a huge challenge. However, getting their attention is one of the keys to making it in the entertainment industry. A professional marketing campaign is a great way to introduce and promote yourself to the movers and shakers in Hollywood, while also helping you to target the right casting directors for major films and television shows that are being cast right now as you are reading this.

Whether you are looking for an agent or want to audition for some of the biggest casting directors in L.A, this service will give you the opportunity to be seen and get noticed. Now is the perfect time to take your career to the next level. If you have already invested a lot of time, money, and effort in your career, do not overlook the importance of promoting yourself. Let us work together to create a customized marketing plan for you.

Contact me to discuss how the Canada To Hollywood Marketing Service can help to move your career into high gear. We will guide you in getting set up and preparing for your move to Hollywood.

If Hollywood is in your plans, do not miss out on this package. I can help create a unique Hollywood Marketing Package specifically for you! It is very affordable and will help to take your career to the next level. For more details on this special Canada To Hollywood Marketing Package, contact me via email at: or by phone at 1 (888) 46-7744. If you want to pursue a career in Hollywood  but need some help to make it happen, do not put your dream on hold any longer. Let us discuss how I can help you move forward!


"I moved to L.A. in the middle of 2006 without any real game plan. In the first few months, I was able to network a little and make a few contacts. However, finding an agent, which was at the top of my list of things to do, was still eluding me. I found it even harder to do because I was non-union and had minimal to no real acting credits. It wasn’t until early 2007 when I heard about a company that provided a marketing service for actors in Hollywood. I was a little skeptical at first, not knowing if this was a legitimate service or if the company was just another one trying to take advantage of uneducated actors. After doing my research, I decided to give them a try...Without a doubt, using an actor marketing service was one of the best decisions of my acting career to date. I got help in setting my career goals. I also received advice on everything from my headshots, résumé, and which agents I should target. I was told that there were no guarantees (as there never are in this industry) but I was confident that there would be interest. A special package was designed to suit my career needs and likely to produce some positive results. Within a week and a half, I had received calls from 3 reputable agencies. I ended up signing with one of them, which undoubtedly took my career to the next level. This service was affordable (which is important for struggling actors), professional, and extremely helpful. When I am ready, I plan on taking advantage of the casting director postcard campaign. I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in seriously pursuing their acting career in L.A." ~Winston

“Amazing! Wonderful! Marvelous! I can go on forever about the Hollywood Actor Marketing Service and how it has helped me jumpstart my career. Everyone always told me that I was only supposed to get 1 call out of every 200 submissions. I don’t believe in statistics, never have and never will. I received 25 calls out of 125 submissions using this outstanding marketing service. I received calls regarding interviews for representation from Commercials Unlimited, The Gage Group, JLA, Arlene Thornton and Associates, and The Stevens Group and so many more! I’ve done mass mailings plenty of times before and I never got the results and feedback that I was able to get with this service. I love this service so much!!!” ~ K.

*Disclaimer: Talent Unleashed is NOT a talent or employment agency. It is also NOT an acting school or casting office. The company does NOT promise or secure employment, jobs, auditions, or bookings for actors. Additionally, taking a workshop with an industry expert or using a service provided by the company is NOT a guarantee of future employment. Workshops and services provided by Talent Unleashed are solely to help actors to increase their chances of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Starting an acting career is not an easy endeavour to pursue. As an actor, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to succeed in the entertainment industry. With hard work, determination, and motivation from your mentors, you can achieve your acting dreams.