Testimonials & Success Stories

Awwwwww.....what a nice thing to say. Here is the page where actors can get their praise on! Check out what people are saying about the workshops and actor showcases offered by Talent Unleashed.

Audition Technique Workshop- Casting Director Marsha Chesley

“The workshop was well run - good pacing, some discussion, but a lot of time spent on the on-camera section which is the most helpful. My only comment, which I mentioned at the workshop, is to suggest having a reader present next time. This will allow Marsha to focus entirely on the screen. Thanks again!” ~Patrick

“Great workshop! I learned a lot of useful tips and techniques. As well, it was interesting and insightful watching the other participants. A suggestion for future workshops (and it was touched on by Marsha and others): how to control your nerves, which can completely destroy an audition. Thanks! ” ~Dave

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. My only complaint was that it wasn't quite long enough, which really isn't a complaint, but a compliment...isn't it? Anyhow, thank you.” ~James

"It was a really great workshop and I learned alot. As many auditions I've had in the past, nothing compares to the workshop. I hope to take what I have learned and really use it. Thanks! " ~Darren


Audition/On-Camera Technique Workshop- U.S. Casting Director Wendy McKenzie

"Hi Francine, the way Wendy’s workshop paid off was by understanding how the producers need to see that we have confidence and are able to promote their movie. I had to audition once, got two call backs, and 3 meetings for a role and in the end it came down to the producer not believing that I really wanted this role. So I had a conversation with him (using tips I learned from the workshop) and flat out told him how I was the only choice for this movie and how I would make it better than anyone else, and that I could project that to the world. He was relieved since at first he thought I was somewhat ambivalent about the project. I got the lead role in the short viral movie to promote it and that also means I have the lead role in the feature film version shooting next year. So now I take that approach that I learned in the workshop with every role. Thanks again!" ~Michel

"Wendy, your workshop was fantastic! Your wealth of knowledge, preparation and honest approach really helped me grow as an actor and as a person. I really hope you come back soon. Since you've left, I've been accepted as one of only eight participants selected from across North America in this year's Canadian Film Centre Actor's Concervatory. I've also been screen tested for a Fox Sci Fi pilot. Plus I've gotten my own scripts put under developement with a major Canadian production company. Thank you for all of your insight. God Bless!" ~E.G.

"Hey Francine, I've done a bunch of commercials since I last saw you at Wendy McKenzie’s workshop including some for The Score and one for KFC! I also landed a small role in an episode of "Breakout Kings!” As well, I shot a movie in September. My audition for the movie was my first audition after Wendy’s workshop. I feel like since the workshop, a lot has opened up for me...the workshop was really beneficial.” ~Daniel

"Francine, I just want to say what an awesome job you have done. Thank you so much. The workshop was excellent. Wendy was excellent. It was more than worth it. I have to tell you that when I left the workshop, it was bitter-sweet for me. It was sweet because of the excellence of the workshop, Wendy, and just the amount of information that was provided. It was bitter because I realized there was a lot of information I didn't know...I kind of went home with my tail between my legs, but with a huge determination to succeed. I am already back at the drawing board and also determined to get me some of that American aggression. Again you have done an excellent job! I wish you all the best, thanks a million!" ~Lolade

“Thanks again for having me in the Saturday workshop with Wendy McKenzie, It was a great experience.” ~Daniel

"I thought the workshop was very informative, and gave us a lot to think about, particularly how to present ourselves and just what casting directors are looking for. Good work!" ~Linda

"I thought the workshop was fantastic! Thanks so much for putting it together!" ~Patrice

"It was a great workshop. It kicked my butt into gear, forced me to take a good look at what I wanted, and why I wanted it and how to go after it. Thanks!" ~Sarah

"A lot of actors now a days struggle to find ways of making a moment in any acting scene, and I, like many actors have this problem. When I first stepped foot into Wendy's workshop, I was a bit intimidated, but also a little cocky, to say the least. However, after experiencing Wendy's amazing approach in showing actors how to win an audition and being one with your character, I see why her teaching techniques are effective with everyone who has been coached by her. Wendy is an AMAZING acting coach and I would recommend her workshops to anyone. She has unlocked the fire within me to become the actor I want to be and I'm more aware of the art itself. Thanks to Wendy Mckenzie! Her presence is a captivating one like no other. I look forward to her return." ~Andrew

"Hi Francine, I just want to thank you for hosting a great workshop, Wendy is AWESOME!!!" ~Michel

"I had a feeling that my first acting class was going to be interesting, but I never thought that it would be as intense as it was. I learned a lot about commanding space and tapping into emotion from before I even enter the audition space straight through until I leave the space. Much thanks Ms. McKenzie, there isn't a soul alive that dreams of becoming an actor or furthering their acting skills that should sleep on a class with you. In the Wink of An Eye, I went from knowing little, to learning what some don't learn for years." ~Sam

"Hey Wendy...just wanted to say thank-you for your workshop last weekend in Toronto - you really helped me to see the industry more clearly and I feel so much more informed and prepared to be "in the room"...if you're out in LA anytime soon let me know...would love to meet up. Thanks so much..." ~Jonny

"If you are reading this because you are thinking about taking a class with Wendy McKenzie...stop thinking about it and just do it! Wendy's class was incredible. If you want relevant and applicable advice to further your career as an actor, you need to take Wendy's amazing class. You will walk out of it making firm decisions on what you are going to change from the choices you make when you act down to the way you walk in to an audition. Whether you have one credit or you have a resume full of them, you will truly benefit from this class. Take it..you won't regret it. Thank you Wendy." ~Cher

"Last Sunday was such an eye opener! I am grateful to have made it to your seminar. I've made a list of things to do and am working hard on getting better organized. I've started dance class at Garth Fagan Dance school (long overdue), and am... taking voice lessons at Eastman school of music, starting Tuesday. I've also set up an appointment to get headshots done by one whom does majority headshots. This is a start..to something very lucrative. Thanks again for the tough love, motivation and knowledge. Looking forward to our paths crossing again!" ~V.H.

"Much thanks to Ms. Mckenzie for giving all of us the opportunity to learn and experience your constructive criticism and unbridled honesty. Your genuine enthusiasm to assist us (and everyone else you teach) with our careers is clearly evident and more than appreciated. Your encouraging kind words & support is held in high high regard. Bottom line - thank you for the realness. Until we meet again..." ~A.T.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again. Your workshop in Toronto was amazing and it really opened my eyes to some things that I knew were there...but I have either ignored or forgotten about. I feel like smacking myself in the forehead because some of your teachings were so simple but so important and so easily forgotten. Your class was exactly what I needed to get ahead. I think it is amazing that I can use all the hurt and pain from my past to be a better actress. It really goes to show you that the universe works in mysterious ways." ~Rachelle


Actors Bootcamp- U.S. Casting Directors Wendy McKenzie & Tracy Byrd

"Hi Francine, thank you for putting the Bootcamp together. Even as I have been around for a bit, I found both Wendy and Tracy to be most informative and motivational. This workshop kicked my level of activity way up! Good for you! ~Tedd

"Francine, I just wanted to say thank you for hooking us up with such an amazing workshop. I learned even more than I did from the last one and I'm going to be making a lot more productive changes towards my career in the industry and to obtain a bit more work. Thanks again!

"Hi Francine, dropping you a line to say THANK YOU!!! I had a great time yesterday. Learned lots! Many blessings! ~Diane

"I want to give a big shout to Francine for putting together this workshop. Very informative and inspiring!" ~Lolade

"Hey Francine...WELL DONE!!!!!! It was a great informative weekend. Wonderful women. Above all huge contacts and new friends." ~Linda


Casting Director Showcase- "Flashpoint" Casting Director Marissa Richmond

"This was a great showcase, informative and true. I left knowing a lot more of what's expected as an actor coming into an audition...and I really enjoyed the fly on the wall exercise. Thanks a bunch!" ~P.H.

"Thank you for hosting the workshop Miss Francine. I learned a lot." ~Reemo

"Hey Francine, thanks for the workshop. I learned what I needed to know...and more. I hope we can do it again down the road." ~Evan

"Hi! The workshop was effective for me...I liked the multiple-people audition for the same part. It gives it a competitive quality, which is realistic. Thank you!" ~Alex

"I was a happy participant in your Marissa Richmond workshop last month. Thank you so much again for hosting that event, it was an incredibly exciting day and I learned an unbelievable amount from Marissa." ~Lauren

“I enjoyed auditing the actor's showcase and felt it was time and money well spent. Marissa provided insightful feedback during the mock auditions. I found that Marissa's assessment of actors' headshots to be very helpful as well.” ~Stephanie

“Hello Francine, I participated in the Marissa Richmond showcase in May. As I said to you in person at the end of the showcase, I enjoyed the experience and found it helpful. Thanks again for putting it on.” ~Rodney

“I audited the Casting Director Showcase taught by Marissa Richmond, which was organized by Talent Unleashed. I learned so much by just watching the other actors. Thanks Francine!” ~ C.W.

North Hollywood Casting Project- Former Tyler Perry & BET Casting Director Alpha Tyler

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting Alpha Tyler today...and you too, of course. I thought her feedback was spot on and it was interesting to be the “fly on the wall” in a casting session. Gives you a whole new outlook on what casting directors go through. Please pass my appreciation on to her for me. Hopefully if/when she is casting a role for an older comedic part a la Betty White in Hot in Cleveland, or the woman who plays Raymond's mother in Everyone Loves Raymond, she will remember me. Fingers crossed...LOL. Take care" ~Rosalind

“Hey Francine, again just wanted to thank you for organizing that amazing actor showcase this past weekend. We soooo needed it! I know I did! It was an awesome experience and well worth the money and the wait. Thank you!!!!” ~Patricia

“Good morning Francine, I wanted to send you a quick note to say "Bravo" for putting together an amazing actor showcase full of insights, creativity, and laughs! I am completely smitten with Alpha, great mind, great talent, and huge heart. Very rare indeed. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next actor showcase!” ~Craig

“Hi Francine! I just wanted to say thank you so much for coordinating such a great showcase. It was both insightful and enjoyable.” ~Shelly

“Thank you Francine! I'm surprised that this showcase was 2 years in the making! I'm so glad it happened and I was able to be a part of that. I'm a newbie when it comes to acting, but I do plan on taking my career across the border, so it means a lot to receive feedback from a casting director from the States. The feedback Alpha gave to me was about things I've never heard from any of my acting teachers or other casting directors, and things I've never even noticed about myself. I got a lot of very useful information out of this showcase and I'm definitely going to correct those mistakes. I was a little nervous since I'm a beginner in this industry and a little intimidated by the others, but every single person in the room had a great, flamboyant, and positive personality which I fed off of, and that helped me to get comfortable very quickly. I would most definitely come to another actor showcase, and really appreciate that you helped make this happen!” ~Zoia

“Hi Francine, I just wanted to touch base and to thank you again for working so hard to bring Alpha Tyler to Toronto, and to Canada, for her first time! This just shows how dedicated you are to helping us Canadian actors gain insight into the industry in the States and their casting directors. I was just thinking back on the actor showcase and what a wonderful opportunity it was to be seen and receive feedback from Alpha...so thank you!” ~Sharma


Actors & Online Marketing- Social Media Expert Amanda Parker

"The Actor and Online Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for an actor at any stage in their career. Understanding the way social media can be used to promote and market an actor's unique brand is a tremendously important skill. I have always found social media and networking sites to be very daunting. However, Amanda Parker is skilled at breaking down the information and making it accessible to anyone. I am always hearing people say that you need to create your own work and get yourself out there in order to succeed in this industry, yet it is difficult knowing how to do that and where to start. The Actor and Online Marketing is the perfect opportunity to learn the skills and gain an understanding of how to kickstart your career and promote yourself as a working performer."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Actors and Online Marketing Workshop, taught by Amanda Parker from Aha Moment Inc. I learned that managing the various avenues of social media is possible with a simple program, thus getting rid of the fear that I would be spending too much time online. I also learned about each network in detail to understand the ones that benefit me most as an actor. Amanda was wonderful in breaking down each step for us and making sure that we understood social media. She also wanted to make sure this was an interactive session. I would definitely recommend this workshop. Francine, thank you again for putting together such a wonderful workshop, as usual, on such a great topic that speaks to the needs of actors while providing a comfortable environment. I can't wait for the next one!" ~S.M.

"I recently attended a workshop hosted by Talent Unleashed called "Actors & Online Marketing Workshop- A Guide to Mastering Social Media for your Acting Career" in June 2013. I can't say enough about how useful this is to anyone doing independent work, especially in the entertainment Industry. As an actress, acting coach and business owner, this workshop was invaluable to creating my own success. Amanda was professional, approachable and extremely knowledgeable in this field. I went into the workshop feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by all the options out there. She broke things down in a way that made sense. Social media is a powerful tool if used properly to build any career. This has now become very clear to me!" ~ Chantria Tram-Actress, Acting Coach & Creative Director of Rize Studios