Audition Tips- How To Succeed At Auditions

Many actors find auditions challenging because they do not know what is expected of them. To make matters worse, actors rarely receive feedback on their auditions. Consequently, they are repeatedly making the same mistakes. It never ceases to amaze me how many actors, fail to get roles because they do not know how to present themselves at auditions. Do you know what is expected of you during an audition? Do you know the most common mistakes that actors make? Are you making any of them? The key question in a casting director’s mind when casting for a part is—are you right for the role? Your job is to sell yourself and convince the casting director that you are right for the part. You can be a very talented actor, but if you do not know how to audition well, you will likely not book a lot of jobs. Learning proper audition techniques can give you the competitive advantage that you need to stand out from the competition. Having said that, here are some tips to help you ace your auditions:

1.   Take audition technique workshops. You will learn about the audition process, on-camera techniques, as well as many other skills needed to be more confident during an audition. Furthermore, you will valuable insight on what casting directors and other industry professionals want from you during an audition.

2.   Read the script and know the character that you are auditioning for. Find out everything you can about the script, your scene, your character, etc. What is your character like? How old is your character? How does your character feel about the other characters in the scene? You need to know this kind of information before going into the audition.

3.   Know your lines, as well as your partner’s lines. Be “off-book.” You should not only know your lines, you should know your partner’s lines as well. Remember, you are having a conversation with another actor so you need to react to their lines. Acting is about reacting.

4.   Always be professional. The term professional is defined as: “Worthy of high standards in a profession.” Are you a professional actor? Do you arrive early at auditions? Do you always know your lines? Always be professional, prepared, and ready to give your best performance at every audition.

5.   Bring your headshot and résumé to every audition. This goes without saying but you would be surprised at how many actors fail to do this.

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